Sustainable Approach

Modern Clean and Green Kitchen System…Blending delicious hand-crafted recipes with new world technology.


vintage-farmAt Green Kitchen Solutions (GKS), we are serious about fostering environmental stewardship through sustainable green kitchen systems that achieve better than expected financial results. To that end we are very proud to be deploying what is the Greenest cooking platform in America. Continuously scanning for the latest production and service products, GKS is deploying state-of-the-art cooking equipment to improve the quality and consistency of food served, reduce investment, lower ongoing operating cost and lessen the impact of doing business on our environment – inside and out. The Kitchen Layout, with specific Cooking Equipment, along with Custom Recipes and Advanced Procedures, enable our clients to deploy a cleaner more efficient kitchen operation, produce delicious better-for-you food that provides great value for our customers and our environment.

vineyardOur system does not require exhaust hoods. We do not use any frying oil or shortening in the cooking process. Additionally, our food is 100% trans-fat free. Besides saving money for big daily savings, our approach creates a much improved and safer work environment. No more smelling like oil when you leave work. Taking full advantage of this cooking technology and system, GKS’ approach eliminates fryers, griddles, and open flame burners. This approach significantly reduces the production of CO2 and grease-laden fumes in the air. Our system will also address the fats, oil and grease (FOG) that result from the dish washing process and better manage waste.

Besides state-of-the- art cooking equipment, our kitchen operation will also include the latest patented technology designed to remove FOG from dishwashing effluent. This device has no moving parts, does not require electricity to separate FOG from the water and it works continuously. More than 99.8% of FOG is separated from the effluent and captured. The captured FOG is more than 99.7% free of water. The captured grease can be used for types of recycling or bio-diesel production. With the right system the water can be used for landscape watering. Additionally, we work to eliminate restaurant cleaning chemicals that can harm people and our water resources. All in all, we are doing our part to lessen the impact of food service operations on the air we breathe and the water we drink.


Many people ask how we can eliminate vent hoods from our operation. We research, test and specify equipment that meets our criteria. For example, certain equipment we use has been designed and approved by all government agencies for use without the need for a hood system or fire protection device. One of the components of the oven technology uses catalytic conversion to burn up grease and evaporate moisture. Given no open or enclosed flame is used and grease is significantly reduced, the kitchen is much less susceptible to employee injuries from slips and falls and especially fire. The technology and approach eliminates the need for vent hoods and ansul systems.

vegetablesWe excel at Menu Engineering and Recipe Development. Our Executive Chef has more than 40 years of food and beverage experience. His recipes and procedures are all developed to achieve high standards of moisture, flavor, nutrition, and extended hold times. And to meet and exceed standards for grease-laden fumes Chef Revella ensures that all recipes are designed to work with the kitchen technology. Any foods prepared in a traditional kitchen can be produced in our kitchen. Thoughtful and careful menu and recipe development using as many fresh and wholesome ingredients as possible ensure delicious healthier food and a cleaner and greener restaurant operation. Generally our food contains 30% more moisture, 50% less fat and 35% more nutritional value.


Certain kitchen components we deploy are cleaner running than even hot dog roller grills. Our induction and halo cooking use much less energy than traditional equipment and cannot produce ignite grease. The kitchen system is especially tailored for our clients and all equipment is specified to continuously meet standards and requirements. The Kitchen System integrates state of the art cooking technology to deliver superior environmental results and quality food products. Heat, grease and CO2 are significantly reduced. And independent tests have shown a significant level of retained moisture and nutrients. Along with core operating platform our system has built into it the Goslyn Grease Recovery Device and TrustWater system. Both systems work together to reduce the impact of food service operations on our water resources. Our Kitchen System results in the greenest food service operation possible.


tunnelFor the equipment to work at peak performance cleaning and maintenance is important. We have standards and procedures in place. We will train, educate and certify employees, and staff, to prepare, cook and serve customers. They will be able to perform all cleaning routines. We will support our clients with the training they need and our Food Service Partner will provide materials and review all of the operating procedures and conduct training upon start up and ongoing.



kitchen-diagramOur concepts and food may fit with plans for those desiring to be green and LEED Certified. We expect to be able to own both the “green” position as well as the “fresh” position for the greenest kitchen platform possible. We believe both of these are very strong long term traffic builders wherever we take a concept or brand. Compared to traditional kitchens we find our kitchen solution, the design and layout, can reduce space requirements to between 20% and 25%.