Our Expectations

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New Kitchen Construction & Retrofit Start-up

We are prepared to conduct an economic value analysis for your operation.

  1. 1. Kitchen Space – 20% to 25% less space required
  2. 2. Equipment Investment – 18% to 30% less investment dollars
  3. 3. On-going expenses – Reduced by as much as 30% or more depending on the concept and equip. in use.
    1. Less utility costs (More than $5,000 annually)
    2. Less maintenance and certification expenses (More than $3,000 annually)
    3. Less time and labor costs devoted to cleaning and maintaining equipment
    4. No frying oil purchases
    5. No oil management for the life of the business
  4. Food that retains up to 35% more moisture. This means better flavor, more nutrition, and less waste.

For your consideration keep in mind these other key points:

  • Greenest Cooking Platform in America – less pollution impact on the environment, inside and out!
  • Eliminate open gas flame, griddles, fryers (and all the cooking oil that goes with the)
  • Eliminate the need for vent hoods and ansul fire protection systems
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Any type or style of food can be served – delicious sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, fries, roasted chicken, ribs, to seafood, to Asian stir fry…
  • Delicious food everyone can be proud to serve
  • Better-for-You food – prepared food contains, on average, 35% more moisture. This means more flavorful, wholesome food, less waste and longer holding times.
  • Faster cooking
  • Easy to operate, no traditional culinary education or skill needed
  • Improved work environment – significantly less fire threat, less heat, fewer slips & falls, employees don’t breath potentially harmful fumes
  • No microwaves that destroy food quality

*These examples provide reasonable expectations. Results can vary by project, concept and current foodservice operations.