Custom Pans for Turbochef High h Batch Oven

Custom products made by LloydPans in partnership with Andy Revella.

Pans are customized to fit the TurboChef High h batch oven. All pans feature Dura-Kote, a permanent easy release coating that is non-toxic, metal utensil safe and extremely durable. The Dura-Kote finish does not need to be pre-seasoned and is easy to clean. LloydPans is a US manufacturer of pans for the pizza and food service industries.

Products are sold directly from the manufacturer.

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Custom products built for the TurboChef High h Batch Oven

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RCT-14698 106331 Revella-1
Solid Pan

To fit High h Batch TurboChef oven

Lloyd RCT-14698-DK  

RCT-14700 106333 Revella-1Volcano Pan

To fit High h Batch TurboChef oven

Lloyd RCT-14700-DK

RCT-14738 106443 Revella-1

Corrugated Grill Pan

To fit High h Batch TurboChef oven.

Can be used standalone or inside RCT-14698-DK or RCT-14700-DK.

Lloyd RCT-14738-DK

Fry Assembly

Fry Assembly

Shows RCT-14700-DK, RCT-14701-DK, and RCT-14680-DK assembled as a ‘fryer’ for use in a Highh Batch oven.

Fry platform; used standalone or in a fry assembly Lloyd RCT-14680-DK

Fry platform
Lloyd RCT-14680-DK

RCT-14701 106334 Revella-1

Volcano style baffle
Lloyd RCT-14701-DK

Coffee Roaster Revella

Coffee Roaster Set

Shows the three parts referenced below in an exploded view

Lloyd RCT-14316-DK

RCT-14316 105085 Revella-1

Coffee roaster base pan.
Lloyd RCT-14316-DK

RCT-14641 106156 Revella-1

Coffee roaster inner lid.
Lloyd RCT-14641-DK

RCT-14642 106157 Revella-1

Coffee roaster outer lid.
Lloyd RCT-14642-DK

RND-14737 106441 Revella-1

‘Eared’ Pan

Lloyd RND-14737-DK

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