Green Kitchen Solutions

chef-flamesOur efforts can result in important and significant benefits. Whether your project is new Kitchen Construction, a Conversion, or Retrofit we can achieve…

Reduced Kitchen Space – 15% to 25% less space required

Reduced Equipment Investment – 20% to 25% less investment

Reduced On-going expenses – 18% to 20% or more depending on the concept, utility rates, and other factors)

RevellaWare Key Points

  • Provide the Greenest Cooking Platform in America (Our story and we’re sticking to it!)
  • Eliminate open gas flame, griddles, fryers (and all the cooking oil that goes with the fryers)
  • Eliminate the need for vent hoods and ansul fire protection systems
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Eliminate cleaning chemicals from BOH (we can demonstrate the equipment when have our system installed
  • Prepare any type or style of food can be served – delicious sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, fries, roasted chicken, ribs, to Asian stir fry
  • Prepare and serve delicious recipes and food of which people on your team can be proud
  • Craft recipes and prepare food that is Better-for-You food
  • Provide a system that requires no microwaves that destroy food structure and quality
  • Deploy a kitchen system that can be faster cooking by a factor of 2X to 5X than traditional methods
  • Provide easy to operate, no traditional culinary skill needed we do that for you
  • Deploy easy to maintain, less cleaning required
  • Improve the work environment – less heat, fewer slips & falls, employees don’t breath potentially harmful grease laden fumes

Note: Our goal is to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Our success is your success!

*Results will vary by project.