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Blending together chef inspired recipes and the latest commercial kitchen technologies resulting in greater returns, better-for-you food and a healthier working environment for less investment!

kitchenWe design, deploy and provide start up support for eco-friendly commercial kitchen solutions. We eliminate the need for open gas flame, hot griddles, fryers and the frying oil they use. Our kitchen designs and specialized equipment emit much less CO2, use much less energy and are much safer for employees and patrons alike. We can also remove as much as 99.8% of the fats, oil and grease (FOG) that typically go down the drains at restaurants. While results vary, our approach can…

  • Reduce kitchen Space – 20% to 25% less space required
  • Reduce equipment Investment – 25% to 30% less investment dollars
  • Reduce on-going operating expenses by as much as 10% or more
  • Result in better-for-you food – 35% more moisture and nutritional value


The Local Team: The local team has 120 years of combined experience in US and International foodservice operations and functional support in fast food, fast casual, casual and fine dining.

Andy Revella

Andy Revella, EVP, Technical Services and Executive Chef, has over 40 years experience in the food and beverage industry. He was responsible for the menu development and operations for some of the most well known and respected restaurants in the country including, Bennigan’s, Steak & Ale, BB Kings, and Rain Forest Cafe. While VP, Food and Beverage, Harrah’s, Andy developed over nine core branded concepts resulting in over 45 new restaurants. Andy founded the American Beverage Institute. Throughout the years Andy has been recognized for his many accomplishments. In November of 2009, Andy was recognized as the Greenest Chef in America by the Captain Planet Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Ted Turner. Driven by his desire to make a positive difference economically and environmentally in the food industry, he has devoted the last 5 years to developing and promoting the greenest kitchen platform in America. He knows Green and Good Economics can work hand-in-hand!

Jack Landers

Jack Landers has over 30 years of experience in restaurants (fast food and casual dining) and specialty retail. He began his restaurant career in a family owned business, Happy Jack’s BBQ. Since that time he has held various positions of increasing management and leadership responsibilities including single and multi-unit operations, operations training, human resources learning and leadership development. He has a proven track record in global Fortune 500 multi-unit companies, including an international division with over 9,000 units and 300,000 employees.

Jim Satery

Jim Satery showcases a 40 year career encompassing fine dining, fast casual, and quick service restaurants. He ended a 22 year career with Taco Bell Corp to join this business. During his tenure he held many positions from fast track RGM, Dallas Area training Manager to multi-unit operations. His proven track record includes being named RGM of the year for the Southwest Territory in 1990, to Area Coach of the year in the Big Sky Territory in 2001. He is a result’s driven operator with a bias for action, delivering breakthrough results at every level attained during his career.


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